Our confidentiality agreements prohibit us from disclosing some of our customers and their projects, but a sampling of our recent projects include:

                  Automobile Manufacturers

      Brick Manufacturing Systems Consulting

      Vapor Recovery Engineering and Systems

      Glass Plant Engineering

      Hydraulic Press Controls

      Chemical Composite Systems

      Computer Based Utility Monitoring Systems


      Ammonia Deep Freezer and Cooler Controls

      Power Plant Control System Upgrades

      Hazardous Fuels Unloading and Handling Facilities

      Epoxy Batching Control Systems

      Short Circuit and Fuse Coordination Studies

      Steel Pickling Line Design and Start-up

      Hydrogen Annealing Furnace Controls

      Glycol Chiller Systems

      Coating & Resin Reactor Facility Upgrades

      Conveyor Control Systems

      Food Mixture Controls and Packaging Lines

      High Temperature Indicator Control and Monitoring

      Manganese Removal Control System

      Water and Wastewater Projects

      Petrochemical Company Engineering and Product Development